Hyderabad gold thief sends a message to the public

G Kiran Kumar, an intermediate pass out, is in the news now, as he is the man who carried out one of the biggest jewellery heist in the Tanishq Jewellery showroom at Panjagutta, Hyderabad on January 24th.

Around 48 hrs after carrying out the heist, the 23 year old, walked into the office of a local TV channel late on Sunday and confessed that he stole jewellery worth Rs. 6 crore from a store so that he can reach out to the people to give them a message.

“I am fed up with the way the system is functioning these days. Politicians are thieves who loot us for five years and I became a thief just for a night to show the world the growing inequality in the country,” Kumar said.

Hyderabad gold thief sends a message to the public

Hyderabad gold thief sends a message to the public

“If given a chance, I can serve the society better than any politician,” he said. He has four brothers and a widowed mother at home to feed from the paltry money he earns as a mason.

He also said that he stole these jewelleries so that he could become a pilot as well as get a corrective surgery done on his polio-stricken cousin.

“My cousin, Anand, needs money to undergo a surgery. We tried to get help, but no one cared,” he said to the police.

Kumar told the police that he and his cousin, drilled a hole in the rear wall of the shop, entered inside and broke opened the locked table counters and looted the jewelleries. To fox sniffer dogs from detecting their scent, they sprinkled chilli powder.

“We were desperate for money to fulfill our dreams. I tried masonry, plumbing and electric wiring work, but only got poorer every passing day,” he said.

The police is now looking for Anand, who left the city with three gold bangles. After Kumar’s confession, police recovered 528 gold bangles, 40 bracelets, 33 necklaces, 89 pendants, 58 ear studs, 98 rings, colour stones and emaralds, all worth Rs 5.75 crore.

Kumar was remanded 14 days judicial custody by the honourable court Nampally on Tuesday.