Indian American senior vice-president at Android is the most powerful man in mobile

Sundar Pichai, the chief of Google’s Android division, has been found as the most powerful man in mobile. He is tactful, tactical, and has made a mark in the mobile world with his brilliant and off the track ideas.

Pichai was a product manager at Google, ten years back. His work was related to the search bar, which can be found in the upper corner of all the different Web browsers. It was Pichai who brought up the idea to wage a war against the web browsers with the launch of Chrome. He was able to persuade his bosses to do it, and that has helped Google get a place in the browser market, and that too the most popular one. It has also the foundation for the Chrome operating system which runs on Chromebooks, which are cheap laptops. In 2011, Pichai was put in charge of Google Docs and Gmail. It was 2013 that Larry Page, the CEO, gave him the charge of Android. With this, Pichai found a place in the list of the most powerful technology executives in the whole world. According to Page, Pichai “has deep technical expertise, a great product eye, and tremendous entrepreneurial flair. This is a rare combination, which is what makes him a great leader.”

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai

Even though Google never reveals anything about the profitability of Android and analysts find too hard to make estimates, the operating system is really crucial to the existence of the company. The search engines and the ads on the map services get lots of users on a daily basis through the Android devices, which add to the revenue of the company. These services are also offered on other operating systems, but Google is required to pay revenue. As for Android users, Google gets these revenues for itself.

Pichai’s colleagues see him as a diplomat and a highly skilled person. Caesar Sengupta is the vice president, and has worked with Pichai for 8 long years. He say, “I would challenge you to find anyone at Google who doesn’t like Sundar or who thinks Sundar is a jerk.” Soft-spoken and self-deprecating, Pichai can see the future and make plans that come out as a breakthrough.

Born in Chennai to an electrical engineer father and a stenographer mother, Pichai got his exposure to technology from what his father used to tell him about the daily work and challenges in office. From a very humble background, Pichai was a good student and managed to crack the IIT examinations and land up in IIT Kharagpur. He won the additional scholarship to Stanford University, and went on to make it big. After a Ph.D., he did a few other jobs before landing up in Google. The rest, as it is said, is history.

Managing Android is the toughest job at Google, and Pichai has been doing it perfectly to the best of his abilities. According to him, proper care should be taken to sustain the place Android has in the current market.
YS Subramaniam