Indian Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to act in a biopic

All set to start a new innings, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has been signed to act in a film based on his life and cricket career. Sachin will be playing himself in a film being made on his life. Sachin’s admirers who have seen him act in commercials will see him in big screens now.

The as yet-unnamed film on Tendulkar’s life is expected to be “between 90 minutes and two hours” and “we are aiming to release it by the end of this year or early next year”, Krishna Ananthan of the production company 200NotOut.

This film will be launched in 2000 theatres across the globe. Mumbai based production house “200 Not Out” has been instrumental in bagging the rights of this film from WSG (World Sports Group). This biopic will be directed by an award winning London based director James Erskine.

Sachin Tendulkar

The release date and title of the movie is yet to be decided. This movie is deemed to capture every critical detail of Tendulkar’s life. Tendulkar’s childhood days, his love life with Anjali and few unknown events in his cricket life will be captured in this movie. His lead pair in this biopic is not revealed yet.

This project was started one year ago by the production house 200 Not Out, which has produced many short films and advertisements. The shooting of this movie has started currently and many famous actors across the globe are contributing to this “epic biopic”. The production house has also created a network to various cricket boards to accommodate the video from the past innings to include it in the movie.

London based director, James Erskine has directed many films including a cricket film “From the Ashes”. During the football world cup of 2010, James directed the film “One Night in Turin” related to this sport. He has made many incredible movies related to sports personalities and this is the reason why he has been chosen by 200 Not Out to produce this film. This is the first time that he will be working in India.

Filmmakers have claimed that the film will cover many incidents of Tendulkar’s life which are never heard before. Aspects like his early life living in the suburbs of the Mumbai city, school, marriage, etc. will be phrased along with his cricket career.

Founder of “200 Not Out”, Ravi Bhagchandka stated that “People around the globe and future generation would love to know about Tendulkar-era in the cricket world and someone must capture these memories ”. Sachin Tendulkar approved this feature film and agreed to act in it which turned this idea into a reality.

Sharanya Bharathwaj