Indian dentist kills an elderly patient as he extracts 20 teeth at once…

An Indian dentist in the US attempted to extract 20 teeth from the mouth if a 64 year old woman, which led to her death. The license of the dentist was revoked in the US. His carelessness while improperly extracting 20 teeth in a single visit resulted in death of woman.

The dentist, Dr.Rashmi Patel was performing the procedure on Judith Gan when she gurgled and lost consciousness. He is accused of failing to respond appropriately when his patient’s oxygen levels dropped and improperly extracting the teeth in a single visit

Retired librarian, mother-of-two and Grandmother Judy Gan was having the extractions, together with implants and grafts performed at Dr. Patel’s Enfield Dental Surgery in Connecticut on Feb. 17 when she became unresponsive.

The Department of Public Health and the state Dental Commission suspended Patel’s license last month after receiving an anonymous tip following Gan’s death, reports WFSB.

patient and dentist

patient and dentist

The two dental assistants present have since told investigators that they begged Dr. Rashmi Patel to stop what he was doing after his patients’ vitals kept dropping. The assistants told investigators that ‘an assistant asked if we could call 911 and he (Patel) said no.’

Patel was aware that Gan had pre-existing medical issues. Records show that she consented to the dental work while Patel’s office received four medical clearances from other doctors.

Patel’s license, issued in 2003, was suspended on April 21 pending a June 18 hearing in front of the state dental commission. Patel runs two clinics in Enfield and Torrington.

Patel has been ordered to stay away from his patients after one died and another spent six days in the hospital,” state health officials said.

Patel was also sued for malpractice by a former employee in 2009 after he performed “shoddy” dental work. Doreen Jasonis won nearly $500,000 from a jury in 2011, but the ruling was appealed and eventually ended with an out-of-court settlement.

Sharanya Bharathwaj