Indian origin IT professional launched a petition at the Indian High commission

Every year many Indians go abroad either for a vacation or for having a settlement of few years there. The highest number of Indians visits the areas of United Kingdom for work and livelihood. This has been made easier with the presence of the High Commission in London. It is said to be the largest commission and also one of the oldest that has been set in abroad. It states the great relationship between India and Britain.

But the reputation of the commission has been discovered and explained in some other opposite ways by some of the people talking online. These online people in United Kingdom has proved and brought out the real look of the High Commissioner in London.

A petition that came up online on the site Change.Org stated that the treatment done with the Indians in London is supported by the Commission and the officials there also behave in the same miserable way with the Indians there.

This petition under the tag name of ‘Stop treating Indians like garbage’ has shown quite a good response as it now has almost more than 900 people there online to protest against the ruthless system.

Everything started with the bad experience faced by Arun Asokan who is working as IT professional in London and has tolerated a bad and drastically unpleasant situation in the High Commission office in London. After such experience over the situation, he started this campaign of online tag to gather people to go against it.



Arun Asokan has explained his misery story to the people online by stating the statement that he had visited the High Commission regarding the registration of his son’s birth that was then 2 months years of old. Before visiting he has done a research of the documents to be needed for the same. But there he was asked to wait from morning 6 am, and then after 4 hours, he told that the documents that he is carrying are wrong. On asking about what the proper documents are, he was told that he has to know about it from his own sources.

Apart from this there were many more things that Arun said about the system at the High Commission in London. He noticed the fact the working staffs in the office were behaving in a very bad manner with the visitors who visit the Commission office for varied reasons and requirements.

Further on the same topic he again has said about his past experience in the High Commission. This experience of his also says about the situation of the system to other many Indians. He has mentioned this that the staffs are extremely rude to the visitors each time.

Everyday almost a long queue waits in front of the Commission office for their needs and it is assumed that may be this is the reason that people get upset after visiting the place.

Whatever may be the situation, the Commissioner of the High Commission in London stated that he would be happy to check and take suggestions from the online petitioners.

YS Subramaniam