Kuchipudi Dance Classes now in UK

Kuchipudi is a Classical Indian dance from Andhra Pradesh, India. It is very popular all over South India. Kuchipudi is the name of a village in the Divi Taluka of Krishna district that borders the Bay of Bengal and with resident Brahmins practicing this traditional dance form, it acquired the present name.

The performance usually begins with some stage rites, after which each of the character comes on to the stage and introduces him/herself with a dharavu (a small composition of both song and dance) to introduce the identity, set the mood, of the character in the drama. The drama then begins. The dance is accompanied by song which is typically Carnatic music. The singer is accompanied by mridangam (a classical South Indian percussion instrument), violin, flute and the tambura (a drone instrument with strings which are plucked). Ornaments worn by the artists are generally made of a light weight wood called Boorugu.It originated in the seventh century.

Kuchipudi dance classes are available in UK

Kuchipudi dance classes are available in UK

Now Kuchipudi dance classes are available in UK. Having performed widely in South and South East Asian Countries, making great changes in many little lives and winning many a hearts, Sahasra Fine Arts is now coming to UK.

Kuchipudi dance classes for kids and adults starting soon. Online classes and private classes are also available.
Interested people, please contact on valli.sarvani@gmail.com or call @ +447459262569.

Join Sahasra-Fine-Arts family and explore the world of kuchipudi.

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