Learn Music online – Shankar Mahadevan Online Music Academy (SMOMA)

Do you want to learn music online then Shankar Mahadevan Online Music Academy (SMOMA) is the answer.

Hindustani Music & Carnatic Music – Vocals are 12 weeks courses – once a week class – 45 minutes session.
Its exactly like a music class but its Online.
For e.g you have to select a batch from when you want to start and time suitable for you. At that time you have to be online, even the music teacher is online and you have a music session of 45 minutes.

The technique of video conferencing is used for live interaction and is supported by Webex.

The unique part of the academy is the Online Music Book (OM Book).
You get 24/7 access to it, where you can log in with an ID & password SMOMA will provide you.
You can re-listen to the class, practise, riyaaz, solve music exercises and if you have any doubts you can clarify with your teacher at the next session.

The fees for the course are mentioned on the website. Its a 12 weeks course – once a week.
The procedure is that you log onto the website. Select Hindustani Vocals or Carnatic Vocals.
You will get a list of options of batches and time slots from which you can choose according to your convenience
You can proceed to do the online payment.

At the end of the course, you receive a certificate of completion from the Shankar Mahadevan Academy

About the Devotional Songs:
SMOMA have packages of various shlokas.
The best thing is that its a self study pack i.e the teacher has pre-recorded the shlokas but in a wonderful manner where in its broken down into pieces and is sort of a tutorial with lyrics etc.
So you don’t have to worry about the timings, its totally in your hand. You can log on anytime, anywhere as many no. of times and start learning

Shankar Mahadevan Oline Music Academy

Shankar Mahadevan Oline Music Academy

The Easy Hindi Music Songs is a little different.
On the website, If you click on Hindi Movie Songs under Courses, you will find various Music Packs like
Lata Mangeshkar Pack
Asha Bhosle Pack
Kishor Kumar Pack
Romantic Melodies etc.
Each pack has a pre decided list of Songs.
You have to select the Pack you like.
There is also a Super Pack where in you can select the songs you like and create your own list.

The songs in the Pack you select are taught in a very beautiful manner through the OM book.
Its broken into Mukhada Antara and taught in depth.
Its a pre recorded self learning tool, so the teacher will teach you the nuances of each and every line and word.
The lyrics of the song will be continuously appearing on your screen.

At the end when you think you are comfortable singing the whole song, you can record it on our karaoke track and send it to the teacher for feedback.

Similarly, SMOMA also have Hindi Movie Songs – Piano & Guitar
The course will teach you step-by-step, starting with the lyrics and rendition of the song to a karaoke track and guitar tabs and piano sheets. You can also practice and record your performance.

Each learning pack has karaoke tracks, guitar sheets, piano tabs and song rendition.

Expert Feedback
You can submit your vocal recording in mp3 format to us not exceeding 6 minutes. You will receive a detailed feedback assessed on 7 parameters.
This way you can perfect your renditions even more.

In Music for Children SMOMA offer:
Rhymes To Swaras for kids from the age of 2 to 6 years, wherein nursery rhymes are taught in a Sargama format as well as
Rock on With Music where kids are exposed to different genres of music. Activities that the whole family can participate in.