Popular Tamil magazine ‘Kumudham’ cover story on leggings stirs controversy on social media

‘Kumudam Reporter’, a Tamil bi-weekly edition of the famous Tamil weekly magazine, Kumudham is now the talk of the town for wrong reasons. ‘Kumudham’ is caught in a controversy over a cover story of women wearing leggings, and has invited ire of readers on social media, women journalists and activists.

The latest issue of the magazine’s cover story, ‘Obscene leggings: Youth are exceeding limits’, showcases close-up photographs of women on the road and riding pillion, thereby, passing a message that leggings are provocative.

Kumudam has also printed several photos of women wearing leggings without their consent! If the women are wearing Kurtas over their leggings, the magazine has chosen to print sleazy photographs where the wind is blowing up their kurta.

The magazine has also printed a poem by an anonymous male author – who says men can’t help but ogle women, so it is the responsibility of women to dress ‘decently’.


Soon after the magazine hit the new stands, a rife controversy engulfed, especially amongst the youth, scathing criticisms equally from both the genders.

Kumudam’s editor and managing director have refused to comment on this story. They have refused to acknowledge that their magazine has done anything wrong.

There is even an online petition, asking the magazine to apologise for the regressive article.

– Spadman