Popular Tamil TV actor Sai Prashanth commits suicide by consuming poison

Sai Prashanth, a multi-talented actor is a wellknown face in Tamil households. The actor allegedly killed himself on 13th March, by committing suicide at his residence in Chennai.

The news of the actor’s death has left the Tamil TV industry in deep shock. He was always seen as a fun-loving, jovial person. Police sources said that the 30-year-old mixed poison into his drink, and died in his home in Chennai.

Mr Prashanth had just re-married three months ago after divorcing his first wife. Police said that the reason behind actor’s death could be depression and loneliness.


A suicide note written by the actor has been posted on social media, but the authenticity of the note has not been verified. In a purported letter to his second wife Sujitha which he reportedly wrote before he died, he says that she is not to blame for his decision. He tells her that his death will not create any problem for her, and that all her jewellery will be returned to her along with Rs. 5 lakhs (£5000 approx).

He tells her to “leave her anger” at least after his death and that he was a good father to his daughter Rakshitha.

He also writes that no one should fight over his death and that only he was a problem.He also mentions Radikaa Sarathkumar as his “mother”, and thanks her and her company Radaan for their support.

He was talented and full of life. He was such a fun person, and a great mimic. He was a very good artiste. He has drawn a very good picture of Sarathkumar and gifted it to us. I just saw him last week, I cannot believe this has happened,” says Radikaa Sarathkumar, “I am very upset at the whole thing.”

Radikaa remembers how much fun he was, the last time they met. “He was saying I want to do this, and I want to do that. I encouraged him. But I told him to lose weight or it was going to get difficult for him, and he said he will try,” says Radikaa.

The actor has appeared in movies such as Neram (2013), Thegidi (2014) and Vadacurry (2014).

He also appeared in television series including Annamalai, Selvi and Arasi.

He was a video jockey on a popular Tamil music channel and hosted television shows like Dil Dil Manadhil, Indian media reports said.