“Power Cut“ returns to haunt people of Tamil Nadu, South India

The Tamil Nadu State Government has announced a series of ‘power-cut’ schedules which was implemented from yesterday, the 2nd December onwards. The Chief Minister, Dr.J.Jayalalitha had claimed yhat the state had acquired self-sufficiency in manufacturing power and said that there would be no power-cuts from 2014.

Though there were several power-saving measures initiated by the TN Government in the past couple of years, shortage in supply of electricity remains a perennial problem in the State. The situation improved in July-August where there were almost zilch power cuts.

“Power Cut“ returns to haunt people of Tamil Nadu

“Power Cut“ returns to haunt people of Tamil Nadu

Power cuts mainly affect the agricultural and industrial production. While in Chennai city the power cut was in force for two hours at varying times, in rural sides, the power-cuts ranged from 8 to 10 hours, throwing normal life completely out of gear.

As per the announcement, against the State’s daily requirement of 12,000 megawatt, only 9736 megawatt is produced on an average, which has necessitated the need to save power.

The Chief Minister alleged that the Centre was acting in a biased manner and wasn’t providing the State with sufficient back-up electricity supply. In Chennai, the power-cuts would be implemented for 2 hours on a rotational basis starting from 0800 in the morning till 0600 in the evening.

Sharanya Bharathwaj