SCAM ALERT: Do not become a victim for this new scam operating in the UK

Two Indian IT professionals have fallen victims of a scam – where they were told that a case had been filed against them in India and that they would be deported if the case was not closed by sending money through a money transfer company.

These two IT professionals arrived in The UK on a Tier 2 Visa were threatened of deportation if they fail to pay thousands of pounds to get out of the crisis.

Victim 1 was asked to transfer a sum of £1500 and was told that £800 would be refunded after an officer verifies his passport and handed over the case closure documents. But no one contacted him after that, and his calls to the UK phone number went unanswered.


Victim 2, however, lost £3000 to the scammers. He was told that the Indian government had filed a case against him in the UK and that he would be jailed and deported to India.

He was told not to contact anyone, including his wife or the Indian high commission, as he sent his savings and borrowed money from a colleague to meet the demands made. “I was really scared as we have a baby,” he said. In over five transactions, the victim transferred £3,323 to four Indian accounts. He was told that officers would come to his house the next morning to issue a bail bond, for which he had to pay another £200.

Details of the cases were passed on to British Authorities for investigation.

– Spadman