South India hosts International Coffee Fest this month

Coffee lovers in India have serious reason to rejoice this year. The industry has been growing steadily in the country and exports have registered a solid 5 to 6 percent growth in the past one year. Coffee consumption within the country has become more common, and there are newer brands also. All these factors have helped the Indian Coffee Trust improve upon their annual flagship event, namely, The International Coffee Fest. This fest is where leading manufacturers of coffee come together and share their plans and improvisations with the media and delegates. An event that has stepped into its fifth year, the International coffee fest has been held the first three times in Bengaluru (Bangalore) South India, while its fourth installment was held in Delhi last year.

Bangalore hosts International Coffee Fest this month

Bangalore hosts International Coffee Fest this month

This year, the magnum opus is on the organizing Board, who has decided to add two new aspects to the event. Before we come to that, we must not forget to note that this year, the total number of delegates registered for the Fest total up to a thousand, and the total number of visitors expected at the event is set at a whopping ten thousand. Not bad for an event that is just four years old. Here is a quick look at the main attractions at the event this year.

  • Launchpad : The IT industry is not the only industry that has seen new enterprises come up in part of the world. The coffee industry happens to be one wherein new flavors come up every year. In order to familiarize the crowd with the latest new tastes that are scheduled to enter the market shortly, the Board has created ‘Launchpad’; that section of the event that is dedicated solely to launch of new products, blends, technologies, and services.
  • Barista Championship : This championship is the best offering that the Board has to make in this event since awards are going to be given out for the best curer, roaster, and exhibitor. Awards are also going to be given out for latte art.
  • Coffee Themed Quiz : What seems to be another new feature of this event, coffee themed quiz is going to be held during the event. Delegates attending the event can participate in the quiz, and winner get sure prizes.
  • Coffee Trail to Coorg : At the end of the event, delegates are required to take a trip to Coorg, a place that specializes in the coffee industry. This trip is one wherein delegates get to mingle with each other and taste the latest blends available in the state, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu being the best producers of coffee in the country. Hence, it is the most awaited event of this five day festival.
International Coffee Festival in South India

International Coffee Festival in South India

In addition to these attractions, the event will have extensive workshops on brewing, processing, roasting, cooking with coffee, espresso making, coffee entrepreneurship, and art on silk. The event kicks off on January 21st and closes on January 25th. So, those of you who want to taste the best of blends available in the coffee industry today, go for this seminar, you will just love it.