South Indian languages & the Fusion – Confusion

British South Indians aim in providing first hand news and information to South Indians residing in the UK . This time around , we have come up with some fun bits, just to relax your mind. This is completely imaginary & based on creativity , written exclusively by British South Indians team for you. This is not to hurt the sentiments of any South Indian.

Four men – each representing a South Indian state, a Tamilan (from Tamil Nadu), Kannadika (from Karnataka) , a Telugu speaking man (from Andhra Pradesh and a Malayalee (Kerala) travel in a bus together.

The Malayalee’s bag is hidden below the Kannadika’s legs .

He says “Enda baeg-u , enda baeg-u ! (my bag, my bag !).

Kannadika : Yenu Bekku (what do you want ?).

Tamilan who was asleep all this while suddenly wakes up from his sleep hearing the word “bekku”& says

How dare you tell me that i am a Bekku “? (Bekku in Tamil means fool).

South Indian languages & the Fusion - Confusion

South Indian languages & the Fusion – Confusion

Again the Keralite says “Enda baeg-u, enda baeg-u” & again the same confusion erupts.

The conductor who is aware of what is happening interrupts & make them understand things.

The bus halts in the next stopping. A lady joins the group & settles down amongst these people.

Now the Malayalee, Telugu speaking person, Kannadika , Tamilan are seated together in order in the last row of the bus.

The Telugu person asks- “sir, pen” to his neighbour Kannadika. He in turn asks his Tamilan neighbour- ” Pen bekku”

The Tamilan says “How can you be so mean to a lady? How dare you call this lady a bekku (pen in Tamil is lady & bekku in Tamil is fool”)

Realizing that the Tamilan is angry with him for some reason , he says “ Relax sir, neeru bekka”? (do you need water?)

The Tamilan now becomes furious and says “ This is too much. How dare you call me a fool now ? You are completely manner less”. (Nee in tamil is you)

Meanwhile, hearing this conversation, the lady helps the Telugu guy by giving a pen. The Telugu person says – “Me pen ni nenu repu ichestanu” (I’ll return your pen tomorrow).

The Malayalee who didn’t understand the conversation said” you mean to say you would rape this lady??? Oh my God, call the police”.

The argument continues till the bus stops for a break. The Keralite , tries to take his umbrella but is not able to reach it , hence requests the Telugu man to take the umbrella for him.

Eventually, the holder of the umbrella gets hooked in the Tamilan’s ears . So the Tamilan screams -“Kadhu, kadhu”. (Ears, Ears!).

In Telugu Kadhu means “Not like that” .The Telugu man doesn’t even look behind & says “how else do you think i can take this umbrella “??

The Tamilan again screams “bekku, its my kadhu (you fool, its my ears!!).

But in Kannada its interpreted as “I want ears (Kadhu bekku)” , so the Kannadika interrupts & says “Why do you want ears when you already have two??

Atlast , its the third party who interrupts again & solves the problem.

Finally, the bus reaches the required destination & the confusion finally ends.

Sharanya Bharathwaj