Survey of Global transport lists India and Malaysia cheapest countries to fly

India and Malaysia have been named the top countries for cheaper flight tickets in the world according to a new survey related to latest global transport details. In contrast, the dubious distinction of being the top countries in the world for costly flight services has been achieved by Finland and Switzerland. Meanwhile, it was Denmark that is considered to the most costly country in the world as far as all modes of transport is considered. By going in detail about the survey reports, it could be ascertained that the European countries score the best as far as the costly travel is considered.

GoEuro is a Berlin based travel research firm that has conducted the survey. Several aspects have been taken into consideration by the German firm before evolving at a final decision. Covering a total of five continents, the survey has been conducted in a whopping 51 countries in order to ensure that most comprehensive information could be obtained with ease. The survey results display that the overall average costs of transport with respect to the details will equate with the third of UK’s entire transport costs. Such an overwhelming difference surprises even regular travelers as well. The survey was meant to identify the global priorities regarding the local transport options from a financial perspective.


Technically, the air fares have been made cheaper in India to tackle the increasing costs of travelling in a train. As far as covering a distance of 100 km is considered, the total cost would be $15.98 and the same would be $6.17 when travelling by bus is taken into account. The influence of globalization too has its own say in this regard, which need to be considered in great detail so that people could have an enjoyable traveling experience irrespective of the exact location in the world.

The second in terms of cheapest country to travel when 100 km distance is preferred, Malaysia comes into the picture with the actual costs placed at $12.27 with South Africa being placed in the third position with $12.48 in total. Surprisingly, the list has been adorned by Australia as well with $13.09 by occupying the fourth place. Concentrating upon all these trends will let wonder how the future of the travel and transport industries would be.

The survey focuses clearly upon the traveling costs that are huge in countries such as Finland and Denmark. Avoiding those two countries in order to have a thoroughly enjoyable traveling experience is something that is needed the most. Meanwhile, the UK has unexpectedly occupied 22nd place as far as cheapest country to travel is considered.