TAL Children’s Day Celebrations – 2019

Telugu Association of London (TAL) celebrated its 12th TAL Children’s Day commemorating Chacha Nehru’s Birthday and Universal Children’s day on 23rd November 2019 in Heston Community School, London.

Being a popular and interesting event for last decade, large number of children have gathered to celebrate the event. Around 150 children alone have participated in various cultural programmes, folk dances, Tollywood dances and presenting the programme. Students from TAL Cultural Centre (TCC) which teaches Carnatic Music, Bollywood Dances, Classical arts and Telugu language in London, have performed Poem recital, Classical dances and trendy Tollywood dances to entertain audience. Exceptional performances such as
remembering old generation kids games, Classical group dance to depict Krishna and gopikas raas leela, and latest dances did stand out as highlights of the event.

Audience were mesmerised to see how fluent local English people were speaking in Telugu after learning the language in TCC centres. Kids have dressed up as National Leaders, Mythological characters and various other figures in the Fancy Dress competition. Interested
Children have participated in Painting competition and fun games to celebrate the fun day. All participant kids in performances, painting competition, games and presenting/anchoring were presented with TAL participation certificates.

TAL Young minds have been instrumental in designing, scheduling and executing of the End to End program by the young team has brought great ideas of new generation to make it as more enjoyable day throughout. The programme was planned and supervised by Rajesh Toleti, Kishore Kasturi, Navin Gadamsethi, Sridevi Kothakota, Sharmila Reddy and Ashok Madishetti.

On this occasion, the teachers of TAL Culture centres have been felicitated for their commitment in helping the children of this generation to learn the mother tongue. TAL has been running TAL Culture Centres (TCCs) in a view of teaching Telugu language and culture to the children in and around London for the last 12 years. TAL Chairman Sridhar Somisetty has thanked the TAL Committee for organising this event. He also thanked the parents of the children and sponsors for their backing. He has conveyed special thanks to all volunteers who have been supporting each and every TAL event.

On this occasion Trustees Rajesh Toleti and Nirmala Dhavala have explained how TAL Cultural Centres are helping in preserving Telugu culture in the next generation and urged all parents to encourage their kids to join their kids in TCCs to make them learn Classical
Dances, Vocal music and Telugu Language.