Talk Talk Cyber hack: A 15 year old boy from Northern Ireland has been cuffed by cyber-cops

The much talked about Talk-Talk cyber hack, which is considered as one of the worse UK cyber hacks ever, has put millions of its customers at risk of fraud and financial loss. The cyber-police have tapered down the hacker on suspicion, a fifteen year old boy, from Northern Ireland. The teenager has been arrested by police probing the hacking of Brit ISP TalkTalk.

On 26th October, at 16.20 GMT, cops in Northern Ireland searched a home in County Antrim, and cuffed the schoolboy on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offenses in connection with the Cyber attack.

talk talk

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse. His home is still being scoured, and he will spend the evening being grilled by detectives, its said.

“This is a joint investigation by Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit detectives, the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Cyber Crime Centre (CCC) and the National Crime Agency,” the plod added in a statement.

Last week, quadruple-play provider issued an urgent statement alerting customers that its website had been hacked. Following a “significant and sustained cyber attack,” the company warned that names, addresses, account information and credit card/bank information may have been stolen.

Subscribers had been told that they may be contacted by nefarious third-parties asking for personal information and to look out for any irregular activity on their online accounts. It’s worrying when something like this happens once, but for TalkTalk, this is the second big data scare in a year.

The company said it took “urgent and serious steps” to secure its systems and reassure customers, but more than 100 customers were contacted by callers quoting their personal details in the wake of the attack.

– Spadman