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Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, Ethir Neechal & Varuthapadaatha Valibar Sangam released in 2013 were blockbusters. Other than Vijay Sethupathi, Sivakarthikeyan was the only actor who gave consecutive hits in 2013. All his 3 movies ran successfully in all the centers. Theater Owners & Distributors are now waiting for his movies to get released often, as his movies have excellent opening. For the first time, Sivakarthikeyan’s movie will be getting released in more than 600 theaters all over the world. There is no doubt that “Maan Karate” is one of the hugely expected movies in recent times. Trailer of the movie crossed 10 Lakhs views within a week. Adding to it, A.R. Murugadoss has written the story for this movie and it is directed by his Associate Director, Thirukumaran. Hansika Motwani adds much more value to this combo. Let us see whether Sivakarthikeyan manages to do the magic yet again in 2014 in this review.

Story: It is hard to believe that A.R. Murgadoss has written the story of this movie. It is similar to Ethir Neechal. First Half – Only Comedy, Second Half – instead of Marathon, it is BOXING.

Sivakarthikeyan – He is improving with his skills in a larger way in each movie. In KBKR, he proved that he has good comedy timing to act in movies too. In Ethir Neechal, he proved that he can succeed as Solo Hero too. With VVS, he proved that he can act well in romantic scenes too. With this movie, he has shown that he can dance well too. He looks very stylish in this movie and has given his best. He could improve a little bit on emotional scenes. He is the major reason for excellent opening for this movie and saves the first half of the movie with his comedy timing. But, even he couldn’t do much to save the audience from the mediocre second half.

Hansika Motwani – The pretty looking actress has got good role in this movie. She looks cute in most of the scenes and looks like ghost in few scenes with over makeup. Her acting in the climax scene was quite good.

Sathish – After ‘Marina’ & ‘Ethir Neechal’, he has done Sivakarthikeyan’s friend role and impresses with his comedy timings.

Vamsi Krishna – ‘Naiyaandi’ & ‘Ivan Vera Mathiri’ villain fits the role completely in this movie with his physique.

Art Director Rajamohan – Budget for the last 15 minutes Boxing Set alone costs Rs. 2 Crores and shooting happened for 10 days. Lots of hardwork has been put for the climax, but unfortunately, the most hyped climax has not come out well. There is absolutely no logic in the climax and the scenes building up to the climax were below average.

Music by Anirudh Ravichander – ‘Maanja’, ‘Daarling Dambaku’ & ‘Open the Tasmac’ had been already well received by the audience. With Sukumar’s cinematography, Sivakarthikeyan’s dance & beautiful Hansika, it looks much more colourful.

Editing by Ashwin could have been better in the second half. Songs were misplaced in the movie. It could have been better if the movie is trimmed for atleast 15 minutes in the second half.

Maan Karate - Tamil Movie

Maan Karate – Tamil Movie

Cinematography by Sukumar – After capturing the forests beautifully in “Mynaa” & “Kumki”, he has shown the city colourfully in this movie. His cinematography is one of the major highlight of this movie. Each & every frame is a visual treat for the audience.

Director Thirukumaran – He has known the strengths of Sivakarthikeyan and has utilized him properly in the first half. Comedy scenes, without any connection to the movie, are much more sufficient to satisfy Sivakarthikeyan fans and comedy movie lovers. There was a good twist in the interval and will make the audience to expect a lot in the second half. But, second half was huge let down. Second half travels throughout in building up scenes for the climax. But, the scenes looks amateurish. Badri & M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi succeeded at the box office as it looked very realistic along with commercial scenes. But, in this movie, there was absolutely no logic and the screenplay too was not engaging.

Overall, Maan Karate First half has sufficient illogical comedy scenes to satisfy the common man. But, second half seems to be a huge let down, as the most hyped boxing climax and the scenes building upto it, have not come out well.

First Half – 3 / 5 Second Half – 2 / 5

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

Rating of this movie for Illogical Comedy Movie Lovers, Sivakarthikeyan Fans and People who liked Ethir Neechal – 3.25 / 5

Review by : Sathish Kumar for British South Indians – UK

BBFC Details :  MAAN KARATE (2014)
TYPE Feature
BBFCINSIGHT moderate violence
GENRE(S) Romance, Drama
DIRECTOR(S) Thirukumaran
CAST INCLUDES Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Soori, Vamsi Krishna, Writer Shaji, Sathish, Anirudh Ravichander
CUT All known versions of this work passed uncut.



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