Thousands of British students fly to India to join Indian Universities

A mad rush and unprecedented interest from British students is sensed, who wish to explore modern India and become part of the country’s amazing growth story.

Over 6000 students from across British universities have applied to fill 400 spots under the first of its kind Generation UK programme – a project under which 25,000 British students will travel to India over the next five years to understand the country and enhance their chances of employability in global Indian business houses.

An additional 400 British students have applied for just 100 positions to teach across Indian schools. Some of them are also getting internships to work in Delhi’s ministry of skills development.

A contingent of 500 British students will leave to India by the end of June. They will be placed across five Indian universities – Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), Delhi University, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) and the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad).



Around 1000 students are expected to be sent next year. The five universities who are accommodating will be increased to 25 next year.

The programme starts with a Make in India initiative from July 1 which will see students spend two weeks in Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi learning what drives India’s manufacturing economy such as rural textiles, handicrafts and new technologies.

Between July 25 and August 7, they will learn about the Indian economy, history and culture by spending two weeks in Mumbai and Delhi, hearing from industry experts, academics and peers.

Between September 30 and October 13, British students will learn about the relationship between technology entrepreneurship by traveling across Mumbai and Bangalore “exploring the importance of technology and developing your ideas with Indian peers”.

– Spadman