Toddler dies as her Uncle’s vehicle loses control against Bangalore potholes

Most of the roads in many parts of India have potholes- Bangalore is no exception! Now Potholes in Bangalore have claimed another life and this time, it’s a two-and-a-half-year old girl.

The little girl died after her uncle lost control while driving over a pothole road.

Bangalore potholes


KM Suresh who was shattered couldn’t believe that he drove his niece to death. Suresh was taking his sister and her daughter Dhanashree on his bike on Wednesday morning, when he lost control.

The family was crossing a pothole ravaged stretch along the White field road in east Bangalore when the tragic accident took place. Suresh, his sister and niece, all fell off the bike and a truck ran over the child.

This is the primary link road to the IT corridor and the International Tech park. This road is used by thousands of commuters each day.

Bangalore potholes
“The road was in a very bad condition and vehicles move very rashly here. Even if the roads are repaired, they last only for a week,” Suresh said. Dhanashree’s uncle Krishnamurthy said, “Our child is no more. The govt says they’ll help us. Can they get our child back?”

Residents have complained to the Mahanagar Palike earlier too and plan to take up a bigger agitation. Though the Palike promised to repair roads soon after the monsoon, there is no sign of it, two months past the deadline.

“That road stretch is very bad, my officers have also given me that feedback. We are also looking to see if there is any negligence. If that is the case, we will make BBMP officials responsible,” said B Dayananda, Additional Commissioner, Traffic.

Now Dhanashree’s family and angry residents wait to see whether the BBMP will be held accountable.

Potholes in Bangalore
In Bangalore, corruption runs when it comes to repairing the roads. Every year, Rs 3,000 to 4,000 crore are eaten away by scams and locals are even forced to patch the potholes themselves.

When asked about the potholes, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Commissioner said he has too many potholes to fill. “The number of potholes are so much today. If I say there are 30,000 filled again, another 20,000 will appear due to rains,” BBMP Commissioner Lakshminarayana said.

Big road work are often awarded in smaller contracts of under Rs 10 lakh to avoid scrutiny. “If the work over Rs 50 lakh, it needs the state government approval. So they break it up into many small works,” said Ashwin Mahesh, an expert.

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Sharanya Bharathwaj