Tories plan to kick 30,000 nurses out of Britain who were not born in UK

David Cameron’s new immigration rule is to bring an NHS staffing crisis, as it targets to axe 30,000 non-EU nurses, earning less than £35,000 a year.

Already buckling under the ¬pressure of savage Tory cuts, the NHS faces further turmoil with the axing of 30,000 foreign nurses. Those wishing to stay after six years and who do not earn £35,000 a year will have to start applying for indefinite leave after five years. Nurses who arrived before 2011 are not affected by the new law.

Nurses hailing from outside the EU zone on less than the threshold and ae here since 2011, are to be kicked out after six years. The new immigration rules on recruiting staff from outside the EU will affect nurses from countries such as Australia, America, China, India, the Philippines, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

asian nurse in UK

Critics have warned that this will lead the hospitals with a critical shortage of nurses as against increasing population. And it could also mean up to £180million spent recruiting foreigners only to kick them out six years later will be wasted.

The Royal College of Nursing said: “This will cause NHS chaos.” It further warned that the move would put patient lives in danger and called on the Government to exempt nurses from the draconian new law.

Chief executive Dr Peter Carter said: “The immigration rules for health care workers will cause chaos for the NHS and other care services. Without a change to these ¬immigration rules the NHS will continue to pay millions to temporarily rent nurses from overseas. The only way for the UK to regain control over its own health service ¬workforce is by training more nurses.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “There are exemptions to the £35,000 threshold for occupations where the UK has a shortage. But the independent ¬Migration Advisory Committee ¬recommended against adding nurses to the list after taking evidence from groups including the Royal College of Nursing. Employers have had since 2011 to prepare for this.”

– Spadman