UK Government proposes new Immigartion Fees

The United Kingdom Government has issued proposals to revise the fees charged for obtaining Nationality, Visas and Immigration applications and the premium services associated with them.

The new fees will apply from 6 April 2014, if Parliament approves the changes. However, some fees for premium services overseas will apply from 31st March 2014.

As per the new proposals, most of the fees are expected to rise by 4 percent, including the fee for short term visit to UK. The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) stated that to limit the wider general rises, it has proposed other targeted increases.

UKBA said that these increase in the price will enable them to provide a better customer service and also allow them to start offering optional premium services. Some of which are:
• a 3-5 day priority visa service costing £100;
• a priority settlement application service for a fee of £300;
• a super priority visa service for £600, which will expedite the application process to the shortest period possible;
• appointments outside of office hours for a fee of £50;
• Apart from the present centers, new user pay VACs (Visa Application Centers), where applicants can enroll biometrics and submit applications at more locations for an extra fee of £53 and
• offering a passport passback service at more locations, which will be charged at £40 per applicant.

UK Government proposes new Immigartion Fees

UK Government proposes new Immigartion Fees

The proposals also contain a number of fee reductions and changes, including:
• reducing the fee for direct airside transit visa to £40;
• reducing sponsorship fees for Tier 2 large sponsor licenses and sponsor action plans, and freezing a number of other sponsorship fees;
• introducing a Tier 2 shortage occupations fee of £428 for applicants both overseas and in the UK;
• introducing a new 5 year Tier 2 general/ICT application; and
• changing the discount for nationals of countries that have ratified the 1961 European Social Charter to a flat rate of £55.

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