UK’S Super Priority Visa becomes a major hit among India’s business community

Britain’s same day Super Priority Visa that costs Rs.60, 000 (£600) on top of the cost of visa has become a major hit among Indian business community.

Since the service launched in 2013 over 1300 super priority visas have been issued to Indians said, Nick Crouch United Kingdom visas and immigration’s regional director.

Latest figure shows in this year first 6 months the number issued were 68 percent from the same period before year. Mumbai and Chennai beat Delhi comes to successfully applying for the super priority visa said, Nick Crouch.

In 2013 Britain launched the super priority visa. India was the first country to launch super priority visa. During his last visit to India the visas would be available within 24 hours and this was announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron. It was 1st introduced in Mumbai and Delhi and then Chennai rolled it out. After India it has been rolled out in South Africa, China, Turkey, UAE and Brazil.

He also added that they are looking to improve visa service and there are interested to take feedback from tourism and business sectors. And they are thinking lounge in Gurgaon to pen visa application centres.


And they are also trailing new chargeable service which includes walk-in appointments for assistance for filling their applications online and large groups. And they get many suggestions from United States travel agents to make easier for customers to apply for United Kingdom visas. Crouch said, Among 10, nine India national who applied for their United Kingdom visas get one.

General cost of business visa in short term costs Rs.6650 where as long term visa valid for up to Rs.42, 200 while that for ten year cost Rs.60, 900

Past 5 years on an average 70, 000 business visas are issued per year to Indians. In 2012 per instance 67400 business visas were issued of the 69, 600 applications received an approval rate of 97 percent. India remains United Kingdom’s biggest visa operation in the world and it process around 400,000 applications each year.

Britain and India have a long history of trade and run our largest visa operation in the world and they are delighted to launch their first visa service in Mumbai and Delhi and make their world class service even better said, immigration minster Mark Harper.

– Spadman