Who are you being?

Who are you being?

Who are you being today? Can you take a moment and write down some answers please?

Have you written ‘me’, ‘myself’ in the list somewhere? Yes? (If not, you definitely need to look at you and your life again)

Who are you today? Do you have any definitions of yourself? Are they yours? Are they imposed? Have you just bought them as yours from everybody else?

How much are YOU present in your life beyond playing the roles? What would you be without others? What would you be in your own planet? What would you do if you are the creator of your life?

If these questions seem meaningless, please read them again. These are some profound questions that would bring out the change the world is looking for – YOU.

It seems much easier to lose ourselves in this reality buying into the definitions and limitations than being who we really are.  Does that make you happy?  Are you being the true contribution you could be to the world?

In truth, it takes lots of energy to limit you. ‘What if being ourselves is the best gift we can give to the world?,’ asks Access Consciousness. What if we create new realities by being ourselves – a reality beyond just a rat race? A reality where everybody is free to be themselves? A reality where there is no limitation? A reality where happiness is the priority?

Would you like that? Are you willing to be the leader in creating a new reality by being brave enough to be you?

Excited of this possibility? Are you looking for answers to create this change? Well, don’t bother…

‘Be the question’ – this is the first tool of Access Consciousness™. Sounds interesting and easy, huh? Indeed it is! ‘A question empowers and creates infinite possibilities’ says Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness™.


Would you like to try it for yourself?  Think of a problem you have and perceive how heavy the energy is. Now ask, ‘what does it take to change this?’ and perceive the energy. Lighter? There you go…

When we conclude that we have a problem, we start owning the problem and lock it in place by gathering reasons and justifications to have the problem rather than unlocking infinite possibilities. What if changing the energy by asking a question is all you need to create a magic? Are you willing to be a miracle maker for you and others?

What miracles can you create with this tool by playing with it for a week, or at least for a day? What grand and glorious contribution can you be for the planet by having fun with this wonder tool?

Access Consciousness is a dynamic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that can change any area of life. What change are you ready to create and what adventure you like to have, my friends?

Hop on…

Access Consciousness™ empowers you to know that you know. Our ride just begins…

Note: I will be talking about Access Consciousness in the Karaoke event hosted by TamilChannel.com on 30th in Romford, London. What change can that create in your life?

–          Nirmala Raju (Nila/Nimi)