Wife kills husband and keeps body in freezer in Tamil Nadu

A 35 year old woman, from Salem, Tamil Nadu killed her husband and stored his chopped body parts in the freezer compartment of her refrigerator, has been nabbed by the police.

45 year old Balakrishnan who was a salon-owner was married to Sundari and two sons. Balakrishnan went missing 9 months ago.

The murder came to light when Balakrishnan’s father, Pandurangan got suspicious over his son not attending his own mother’s funeral in February. When he enquired his daughter-in-law, she said that he was undergoing treatment for kidney failure and hence could not attend the funeral. Pandurangan, however, smelt a rat, and lodged a police complaint.


During police interrogation, Sundari confessed to have stabbed her husband to death on September 26 with the help of her house-owner Rajendran and his associates, Devan and Kumar. She had offered him liquor and committed the murder, the police said.

Then, she chopped the body into pieces and stored them in the freezer for a day. Later, she and her two accomplices buried the body. The police said Sundari was having an affair with Rajendran. As Balakrishnan came to know about it, she decided to kill him.

A special police team is trying to locate the body of the murdered hair stylist. The police have arrested his wife and her three associates.

The photo on display is only a representation of a freezer and doesn’t portray the actual one.