Woman brutally attacked in Bangalore ATM with Machete : Watch shocking CCTV footage

In a gruesome incident, a 38-year-old woman bank official was attacked with a lethal weapon by a man in an ATM kiosk in the heart of the city, leaving her in a pool of blood with severe head injuries. The woman, identified as Jyothi Uday, is working as Section Manager with the Corporation Bank.

As the woman entered the unguarded kiosk to withdraw money before proceeding to her office for the morning shift, the assailant, carrying a shoulder bag, closely followed her inside and pulled down the shutter before threatening and attacking her, police said.

Gripped by shock as she saw the intruder, the victim raised an alarm but was threatened not to do so by the assailant who then took out what looked like a pistol from his bag, as seen in the CCTV footage and later shoved her down and hit her repeatedly with a machete as she resisted.

After the gory attack, the footage showed, the attacker cleaning the machette of blood with the woman’s napkin, taking away her phone and leaving the kiosk after pulling down the rolling shutter, police said.
The ATM, located very close to a police station, had no security guard.

She was taken to nearby government-run Victoria Hospital with injuries on head and face by a traffic policeman and later shifted to BGS Global Hospital where her condition is reported to be stable.

Video Courtesy: newsXlive

Doctors who conducted a CT scan on victim says that there is a possibility of fracture on the victim’s skull. The doctors also revealed that the victim has suffered paralysis on the right side of her body.

“She is out of danger,” Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar said. He said police have formed squads to track down the assailant. “We are making all efforts to nab him.”

According to police, the assailant, in mid 30s, did not rob her of the jewellery she was wearing.

Police said they have recorded the statement of the victim after she regained consciousness.

The woman told police that the attacker spoke in Kannada and asked her not to raise an alarm and threatened her to withdraw money from the ATM and hand it over to him.

But, the ATM robbery is not new to India’s IT city. There have been at least half a dozens incidents, in which the entire ATM machine was taken away in trucks by organised gang of robbers. The gang was finally caught a year ago by the police. Interestingly, all those ATMs were unguarded and belonged to public sector banks.
After that the Bangalore Police had ordered the banks to post security guards and install alarms at all ATMs. Shockingly, most banks paid no heed.

There are over 2500 ATMs in Bangalore. Of 2500, only 1900 have security guards. The worst offenders are the PSU banks. Most of the ATMs owned by these banks have no security.
As per rules, ATM is a property of the banks concerned. If anything goes wrong at their ATMs, the concerned bank can be held responsible.

– Sharanya Bharathwaj